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40pcs The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Amiibo Cards

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About this item

  • Third-party Cards but serves the same purpose as the official card.
  • Compatible with The Legend of ZLD:Breath of The Wild and Tears of The Kingdom.
  • Each card can be swiped once per day and can be swiped again the next day, not a one-time deal.
  • 40 NFC mini Botw cards with no duplicates. Comes with a storage case for easy portability.
  • If any card does not work, please contact us.We will give you a full refund.
Players can use a variety of both Legend of Zelda themed Amiibo and non-Zelda Amiibo to scan in to perform a variety of features depending on the particular Amiibo. By doing so, it will cause a variety of rewards to appear:
  • Non Zelda-themed Amiibo drop an assortment of currency, food ingredients, and sometimes weapons
  • Zelda-themed Amiibo may drop the above mentioned items, as well as a chance of exclusive themed items. This can either be a unique Paraglider Fabric not found anywhere else, or part of a themed Armor Set for Link.

1. In tears of the Kingdom game, using cards in the novice village only drop paraglider fabric, and other materials, can not brush out weapons and equipment.

2. Regular weapons and costumes are only available outside the novice village.

3. unlock the camera and conquer a Temple (such as the Wind Temple), in order to produce a ghost set, dusk bow, and other powerful weapons clothing.

Direct drop: Items that are “sure to come out” every time you brush Card, which is very visual, that is, directly “falling from the sky”, usually a variety of cooking materials.

Ordinary treasure chest: about 95% probability, can open the regular weapons, arrows, gems, etc.

Rare treasure chest: about 5% probability, can open a relatively advanced conventional weapons, and limited equipment.

It is possible to exceed the cards daily usage restriction in the game and utilize them multiple times in a day.

To accomplish this, you must save and quit the game, and then adjust the date on your Switch to the following day.

To set your Switch time forward:

1.On the Switch Main Menu, go to System Settings

2.Scroll down to System

3.Select Date and Time

4.Turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet

5.Highlight Date and Time and then manually set the day forward

6.Relaunch your game and reuse the cards

Rinse and repeat until collect all desired items from the given cards. After you are done be sure to set your Switch back to Synchronize Clock via Internet as having an incorrect date and time set can prevent you from using the eShop.

Legend of Zelda Amiibo
Legend of Zelda Amiibo Cards
Legend of Zelda Amiibo Cards
Zelda Tears of Kingdom
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Amiibo
Amiibo Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Legend of Zelda Amiibo Cards


How many times can I use these card?

Each card can be used once per day per account, but can be used multiple times by changing the machine system time.

The full version of the Switch machine, whether cracked or not, DLC or not, these cards can be used.

Wolf with 20 hearts, Epona,Fierce Deity Sword,Biggoron’s Sword,Sword of the Six Sages,Goddess Sword,Hero’s Shield,Sea-breeze Boomerang,Twilight Bow,Fierce Deity’s suit,Sheik’s Mask,Helm of four Divine Beasts,Hero’s suit and many materials.

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