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23pcs Splatoon 3 Amiibo Cards

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There are 4 series and 23 models of Amiibo suitable for “Splatoon 3”. By linking with the game, the corresponding character image will serve as the player’s “supporter”. It can record the equipment, lens options and personal outfits worn by the player, and obtain 19 unique sets of clothing for use in Internet battles, as well as the corresponding Amiibo Character photo.

1.Amiibo retain their functionality in Splatoon 3, where they can save your gear and when you impress them they will give you their outfit sets.For vetrans of the series, you likely scanned your amiibo in Splatoon 3 and immediately got the whole sets and thought “Oh nice, no more pointless grinding!”

2.New players though, or people with new amiibos, likely are confused as to why they only got the shoes. So allow me to explain that a bit.Amiibo will give you the first piece of their outfit when you first scan them, then another after 10 wins, and then another after another set of wins.

1.To use your amiibo in Splatoon 3, you need to head to Splatsville first and position yourself at the bottom of the main stairwell that would take you up to the Lobby. From there, turn yourself around and you’ll see a giant amiibo box in the game that looks just like one an actual amiibo would come in when you buy it.

2.Now go up to the amiibo box and press A to activate it, which will cause it to zoom in on the box. At this time, put the Splatoon amiibo that you want to use onto the NFC port either on your Joy-Con Controller or the Pro Controller and a digital representation of that amiibo will pop up inside the box.

Splatoon 3 amiibo Unlock Guid

Splatoon 3

The Inkling (Yellow) amiibo will reward you with:

  • Boss Floss (Intensify Action)
  • Schoolyard Scrap Jack (Sub Resistance Up)
  • Knotty Bois (Drop Roller)
Splatoon 3 Amiibo Cards

Scanning the Octoling (Blue) amiibo will get you:

  • Sushi Sous-Chef Brand (Ink Saver (Sub))
  • Black-Belt Gi (Haunt)
  • Kick Dampeners (Quick Super Jump)
Splatoon 3 Amiibo Card Pack

Small Fry’s amiibo will give you:

  • Chaos Helm (Special Power Up)
  • Chaos Commander Suit (Ink Saver (Main))
  • Chaos Kicks (Intensify Action)
Splatoon Amiibo Cards

The Pearl amiibo will bag you:

  • Pearlescent Kicks (Special Charge Up)
  • Pearlescent Hoodie (Respawn Punisher)
  • Pearlescent Crown S (Sub Resistance Up)
  • Pearlescent Crown L (Sub Resistance Up)
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